SCP Bylaws

Bylaws Revision
SCP Members,
Above you will find a copy of the proposed revisions to our Bylaws that were approved by the Executive Board to recommend to the membership for vote of approval. 
There are two drivers for these changes: (1) As we experience an increase in members who elect to not join APA but to retain membership in SCP we would like to have the option of still engaging them in positions of SCP leadership and allow them to vote, (2) As the complexity of Treasurer's role increases we would benefit from structuring more continuity in that role and more support by adding a role of Treasurer -Elect.  
The first amendment adds a Treasurer-elect position to the Executive Board. The second amendment would allow Associate members to hold office in SCP and to vote immediately upon becoming members, rather than waiting five years. However, please note that Associate members may not vote in APA elections (such as Division 13 representative to APA or APA Presidential elections) nor may they be officers in APA, per APA bylaws.
Please note the following specific changes (deletions and additions) to the current Bylaws:
1. Document header includes "Proposed Revisions, August 2018"
2. Document footer changed to "Proposed Revisions, August 2018"
3. Overall document edited for consistency in font size
4. Article 2, Section 5 Associates - Deletion of 2 lines to enable Associate members to hold office
5. Article 3, Section 1 Officers - Deletion of "the"as unnecessary. Addition of Treasurer-Elect position as another officer. Addition of last sentence to assure that President and Treasurer are full members of SCP and of APA because of fiduciary responsibility of Division to APA
6. Article 3, Section 6 Treasurer - Deletion of one sentence as too detailed regarding responsibilities. Addition of last sentence to structure overlap of one year between Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect with Treasurer's term remaining 3 years
7. Article 4, Sections 1 and 2 Executive Board - Addition of Treasurer-Elect
Please respond with directly to Heather Kennedy by email at [email protected] if you have any questions. Our Bylaws require that once revisions are recommended by the Executive Board, they are mailed or posted to Website before being voted on by members. The voting will open within the next week and be open for a month.

Dee Ramsel, Ph.D., MBA
​Past-President, Society of Consulting Psychology, APA Division 13