August 30, 2018

Dear SCP Members,

In our year-long (and beyond) efforts to make SCP (and applied psychology) even more relevant to society, we need to make it more relevant to APA, too!  A major step in this direction would be for APA to elect Sandy Shullman President of APA!

While we have not been able to poll the entire Executive Board of SCP, yet (that will happen next week), we don’t want to wait to share your Presidential Trio’s strong and unqualified endorsement of Sandy.

As most of you know, Sandy has been an active member and Leader in APA and our Division for years.  Her accomplishments and contributions within and to APA are legion and significant. Most recently, she served on APA’s Board of Directors; and immediately prior to that Sandy led APA’s Good Governance Project (GGP), from which all but one of the Task Force’s recommendations have been approved and implemented. (That one final reccommendation will be voted on this year.)   

APA needs Sandy’s leadership at this time. She has the endorsement of Division 14, Society of I/O Psychology, as well as our Presidential Trio.

She is a Fellow in Divisions 1, 17 and 31; and an active member of Divisions 13, 14, 17, 31, 35, 42, 44, 45. 

See her website [email protected].  Excerpts are below (copied from her site):


  1. Engage ECP’s and students in creating the APA of the future
  2. Prepare psychology and psychologists for a rapidly changing future
  3. Enhance APA’s impact on public policy and social issues through strategic collaborative initiatives
  4. Create a multicultural, globally facing organization that welcomes and is welcoming to all psychologists
  5. Redefine practice more broadly to leverage the contributions of general applied psychologists
  6. Fortify and advance psychological science as our foundation for knowledge and action
  7. Develop psychologists’ understanding of their potential as learning leaders


"APA is at an inflection point--a critical moment of transformation. We need to listen and learn from each other so we can build a real community of psychologists, supported by the strength of our diversity, far beyond our current fragmentation. Our society needs the resources and solutions that psychology can provide. As a unified, dedicated organization, we can lead and contribute to resolution of key national and global issues such as health care, poverty, violence, and immigration. We can create change together at a new, enhanced level of impact--one robust discipline, united by our mission as a scientifically grounded organization, committed to the public good, supporting it's members to create a positive future for all. I want to help create APA's organizational future.” 


Dale, Dee, & Bill

Dale Thompson, PhD, President
Dee Ramsel, PhD, Past President
Bill Berman, PhD, Incoming President

Society of Consulting Psychology: 
Division 13 – American Psychological Association